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Lawn Maintenance, Landscaping, and Lawn Care in Round Rock, TX, and its nearby areas.

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Lawn Maintenance, Landscaping, and Lawn Care in Round Rock, TX and its nearby areas.

Round Rock is a city located in central Texas, and it is considered one of the fastest-growing cities in America today! The city is nationally recognized as one of America’s most livable towns. After spending time here, we can see why! Round Rock is known to be very friendly and has amenities for the whole family, both indoor and outdoor.

Fortunately, the residents of Round Rock, they have the capability of having us work on their lawns and landscapes! This is a job we take seriously!

What can Adam’s Lawn Service Austin do for your Round Rock property?

Here at Adam’s, we provide many different and unique services that will cover all of your lawn and landscaping needs. The services we provide include:


Lawn Maintenance

Lawn Care


Within each of our services, we provide a wide range of specific essential services that will keep your lawn and landscape thriving and flourishing all year long. Let’s look at these services and how they can benefit your property!

Adam’s Lawn Service Austin provides a lawn maintenance service that includes edging, blowing, trimming, and mowing. These are your fundamental lawn maintenance tasks that help your turf stay in amazing shape and remain healthy. The proper lawn maintenance routine can help your property value increase. For this to happen, you need quality mowing results done by professionals like us.

Round Rock

We here at Adam’s Lawn Service Austin can go beyond the essential mowing services to give you your best turf yet! Under the lawn care category, we offer weed control, fertilization, aeration, overseeding, top dressing, dethatching, lawn rejuvenation, and sod installation. If basic lawn maintenance isn’t enough to keep your grass looking its best, one of these services can surely help!

Don’t let our name fool you! We do not stop with lawns! We can service all your plant life and dramatically improve the look of your property with our landscaping skills. We can provide mulching, pruning, shrub, and hedge trimming, sod installation, decorative rock and stone, plant installs and design, plant maintenance, and border edging for each project. Our border edging comes with different style options to fit your unique taste, such as steel, brick, flower, plant, mulch, and grass. Our landscaping team can keep your plant life healthy and your property value elevated.

Our mulching service occurs during our landscaping projects, but some people like to get this as a stand-alone service. Mulching is usually done once or twice a year, depending on the overall condition of your landscape. A mulching service, when done correctly, guarantees your landscape will get the nutrients it needs to stay lively while also preventing weeds and unwanted pests from appearing on your property.

The Adam’s Lawn Service Austin team is happy to provide these unique and exceptional services to all the residential properties in Round Rock, TX.

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Adams Lawn Service Austin provides landscaping services and lawn care to all residential properties in Round Rock, Pflugerville, West Lake, Swift Creek, Tarrytown, Merrilltown, and Austin, Texas.